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Not just another Travel Blog.

Launched in 2017, I Heart You World is not just another travel blog, it is a community of Travellers who want to make a difference.  I want to inspire people to explore this amazing planet without destroying it.  Furthermore, I want us to make the world a better place as we travel; to help the communities we pass through them and highlight situations that need our help.  MOST of all, I want to show that we can do all of these things while still having fun.  *NEWSFLASH* being conscious as we travel need not take the fun out of it!  If you love all things travel and care about our environment, then you are in the right place.

Experience the world without destroying it!

My name is Kat Casey, I am a 32-year-old traveler from England.  I have a passion for travel and all things eco-friendly, I hate plastic and polystyrene and can often be heard ranting about it to friends and strangers alike.  When I am not on the road you will find me in the sleepy countryside village of Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire.  Here I spend my time looking after my animals, growing my own food and plotting my next move.  My family lives in Turkey and I visit often, which is why you will see many posts about that particular part of the world.  In 2013/14 I spent a year living on the paradise island of Koh Phangan in Thailand, this place stole my heart and I left a piece of me there when I left, I will always think of that crazy rock as my second home.

High hopes and big dreams- A mission statement.

I Heart You World will highlight the rights and wrongs we as travelers see in the world.  It will become a place for those of us who have hippy hearts and gypsy souls to spread messages of peace and freedom.  We will speak for the voiceless and fight for those who can not fight for themselves.  We will promote sustainable, fun travel and show how making small changes to the way we travel can make a huge difference to the planet.  In conclusion, we will encourage people to stop trashing our home and causing suffering to our animals… While having fun!

Peace hand sign

Together we can change the world.

Over the next few months, I will be teaming up with liked minded, ethical and eco-friendly brands and bloggers.  So, if you are interested in working together on any travel related projects drop me an email and let’s talk!

And finally…

Thank you for visiting my little piece of the internet- you are most welcome!  Drop me a message on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and let me know you were here.  Also, if you have a Travel Blog of your own send me a link so I can check you out! 🙂

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